Birthplace of the New WavE of British Heavy Metal


It was 1975 when I first walked into the Bandwagon one Wednesday night in September, to answer a call from the stage in search of a Presenter of Rock. I confess that I had absolutely no idea where treading that path would lead, or to the incredibly colourful and diverse characters that would subsequently surround me at all levels of my life in Rock 'n' Roll, from both sides of that stage!  

It has taken me almost until now, when life finds me in my late middle age, to realise and understand fully just how important those far-off times have been to all who grew up with, became a part of, or were touched by the magical Soundhouse years. Together, we created a real tour de force as far as the music industry was concerned, and as the years went by, a real 'family of friends' was forged lasting right up to current times. Indeed, in some cases, even leading to marriage, family and beyond!

They were our formative years in more ways than one, and, as I look across the period that spans our life and times, our many achievements, the few failures, the happy and sad parts, from the outrageous to the truly crazy and totally insane, I do so with a fondness of memory for all who took part, and, for one last time, the wish to do it all again without the slightest change!

The Soundhouse Website is a celebration of our lives together, and a lasting testimony of what can be achieved by ordinary people who banded together in difficult times, in order to fight for, and share in a passion for the music that they all loved so very much, and the resulting way of life that came from it! I welcome all of you to it and thank all who helped create our 'little piece of history'.

Neal Kay

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